WA Soakwells

WA Soakwells has been supplying and installing Soakwells and Storm Water Drainage systems in Perth and surrounding suburbs for more than 20 Years. We operate a small team of highly experienced professional installers.

We have a range of Excavators, Bobcats and Rock Breaking machines specific for small sites and limited access sites. No Job is too big or too small.

Our scope of work includes the installation of Storm Water systems for New Homes, Units, Commercial Buildings, Car Parks, Schools and more.

When you consider the consequences of poorly designed or installed Storm Water system which include:
Poor Site drainage
Non Compliance with Local regulations
Expensive Post Completion Repatriation Work
you will appreciate just how important it is to get the right advise and Storm Water system, the first time.

The regulations controlling the correct configuration and capacities of your Storm Water system and Soakwells are being constantly updated.

You need to consider these key issues:

Local Council regulation
Site specific drainage issues
Site specific restrictions or requirements
Other underground services
Existing Easements
Structural considerations of surrounding properties and structures

We offer the following services:

Concrete Soakwells
Storm Water Drainage Installation
Channel Grate
Pipe Work

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